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Expert E-Bike Service In Coastal North San Diego County

About Epic E-Bike Repair

Immersed in the bike industry since childhood, Brooks created Epic E-Bike Repair to deliver top notch service to the San Diego community. Blending a lifelong passion with extensive expertise, Brooks works on every bike as if it were his own. Offering convenient mobile pick-up and delivery, and unparalleled experience, you won’t find a more talented or trustworthy repair technician specializing in the maintenance, service or repair of eBikes. 

Mississippi-born, Brooks’ journey in the world of bikes began at the age of 11 with his first bicycle shop job. He spent the next three decades building and repairing bikes. From those early pedal-powered days to specializing in eBike repair, his roots drive his commitment to quality craftsmanship and ensuring every ride is a smooth, enjoyable journey.

Through years of dedicated expertise, Brooks honed his skills to become a trusted and respected mechanic in eBike repair. A master in the intricacies of bike mechanics, Epic E-bike Repair is here to ensure each and every bike runs with seamless efficiency, blending technology and craftsmanship for an exhilarating cycling experience.